February 2018

We all know when planning to travel abroad airport parking is possibly the last of our worries. There are so many tasks to complete and errands to run before we could even consider thinking about pre-booking our airport parking. However this has been made easy at one of the UK’s fastest growing airports, Bristol International Airport.

Bristol International has been voted as one of the best regional airports in the world. It welcomes flights from 114 destinations, including daily flights from the UK, Europe and the USA.

This airport accommodates 170 flights and carries approximately 9000 passengers per flight.

Some of us don’t travel all that often and haven’t the foggiest on the details of booking parking at an airport. We all have to start somewhere, even though it’s one of the easiest things to do.

Below are few details that helped me when I made my first airport parking booking.

At Bristol International you have a variety of parking options.

1. On airport parking

2. Off airport parking

3. A ‘meet & greet’ service

You could make a booking for long or short term parking. The duration of this stay varies according to the car park you’ve chosen. The short term car parks are usually used for customers making a drop-off or pick-up.

Passengers’ traveling away for more than a few days the long-term option is recommended. As mentioned before there are a large number of different parking options available. So many parking companies are competing for your business on the daily.

Long-term car parks are serviced by regular shuttle bus services which takes you straight to the terminal buildings. They run quite frequently depending on your choice of car park.

The ‘Meet & Greet’ services are the ideal start to your holiday as you would not have to hassle about finding the car park or having to use a courtesy coach.

Now that we’ve looked at all the options; how would you make sure that you’ve found the best quote. Well…easy…the answer is that you have to choose the best option for your needs.

How to book airport parking:

– Pre-book

Book by calling or online (preferred method).By doing this you will secure you parking space at Bristol International.

– Discounts

Online bookings will normally reward you with further discounts; all you need to do is…

1. Click the quote button your preferred airport parking site.

2. Enter your departure and arrival dates to get a full quote.

3. Done! You’ve just completed your 1st airport parking booking

For more information on Bristol Airport Parking go to .

Source by Adi Tobias

Perhaps you have heard of the new trend in people having porcelain inlays installed in their teeth instead of convention fillings made from a metal amalgam comprized of mercury and silver or gold. For some people, its a decision made because they are uncomfortable with the mercury that is in the filling amalgam, while for others the reason is purely cosmetic.

This is because porcelain inlays are the same color as the tooth itself, so they tend to blend right in with the rest of the tooth. Is there other reasons why a person might or may not choose porcelain inlays for their next filling? One of the down sides of porcelain inlays is that they take two dentist visits to have installed, unlike a standard metal filling that takes only one visit.

This is because the porcelain inlay has to be made in a dental lab from a mold that is taken during the first visit. One more positive side of porcelain inlays however, is that unlike metal fillings they are far less tolerable to expansion and contracting caused by eating or drinking very cold or very hot foods and drinks.

This means that they will last longer and can never cause the tooth to crack. Also porcelain inlays tend to be far more secure over the long run, because they are actually glued into the tooth with a high tech dental adhesive.

Standard metal filings are not glued in but they are packed into a crevice that is shaped in such a way that the filling is "locked" into place when it is completed. Also, because porcelain inlays take two visits to have completely installed and have to be special made in a dental lab they are course are more expensive then a standard metal filling.

Source by Jordan Heften

There are various methods of whitening the teeth:

1.) Home bleaching technique

2.) Dental office bleaching

3.) Whitening toothpastes

Home Bleaching

Carbamide peroxide in concentrations of 10,15 or 20% is loaded into custom made trays to fit the teeth. The trays are snug fitting for an individual’s mouth and help to hold the bleaching gel in close contact with the surface of the teeth to be bleached. It involves wearing the trays overnight for about 4 to 5 nights for the teeth to lighten up by 2- 3 shades.

The process can be repeated after 6 months or a year, as and when needed using the same trays, topping up with a new syringe of gel.

It takes 2 visits to the dentist. In the first visit the dentist would make impressions of the teeth to fabricate the trays. In the second visit the trays with tubes of bleaching gels would be dispensed. The existing shade of the teeth is noted for comparison at a later date.

As a side effect the teeth may get a little sensitive temporarily whilst the bleaching is being done and then usually settles down fairly quick. A desensitizing paste or mouthrinse can be used to minimize the discomfort.

Dental Office Bleaching

In this 35% hydrogen peroxide is used. It is unsafe to use such high concentration at home. A considerable change in colour is achieved in one visit at the dentist using this technique.

The dentist would isolate the teeth using a gingival barrier to protect the sensitive soft tissue from coming in contact with the gel. A layer of bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and allowed to remain for about 12- 15 minutes.An activating light may be used on the teeth to gain effect of the gel. The gel is then wiped off and the process repeated 2-3 times as needed. The teeth can get temporarily sensitive but the shade is lightened in one visit.

Whitening Toothpastes

These are commercially available pastes which contain mild abrasives to rub off the surface stains but do not have any active contents that chemically act to lighten the teeth.

Hence this is not active bleaching.

Before any method of bleaching it is vital that the teeth be cleaned and polished to remove any obvious tartar. Where teeth have yellow greenish bands due to tetracycline staining, or opaque chalky white bands/spots due to fluorosis, bleaching might not be very effective. In these cases the teeth would have to be veneered or crowned to mask the discoloration.

When a single tooth has darkened because of dying or dead tissue within, it can be lightened by a different method of individual tooth bleaching. In this the tooth has to be first root treated and then packed with a bleaching agent for a couple of weeks to get the desired results.

Whatever the cause of discoloration in teeth there is usually something that a dentist can help you with to get your smile bright and you feeling confident.

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Source by Dr John Mantel

Social Media provides the means to attract the strongest brand ambassadors who have the greatest opportunity to influence the buying decisions of others. Today's Web 2.0 branding campaigns typically fall short of their potential without substantive social media distribution. Other than branding, the question remains for marketers, how can the clicks be turned into conversions?

The gap between branding and long-tailed direct response media can be bridged with these 4 keys:

1. In order to drive traffic, a viral interaction must be implemented. This sounds easier said than done, but not everyone has the ability to attract the interest of 250,000 candidate social-surfers. Viral-ability is achieved when you can engage your target enough to make them an ambassador of your brand.

2. Tracking, tracking, and more tracking. If you can not decipher your analytics well enough to figure out where, how, and when you are driving traffic, then you might as well flush your budget down the toilet.

3. Cross-promotion will plant the seeds of sales intent when the consumer moves from the researching or novel interest stage to purchasing intent.

4. Continue to serve ads to your clients and prospects even after they buy or die. Several things will happen if you keep your message handy once you have created a click from social media. First, you will continue to generate leads months after your campaign has ended; and secondly, you will receive referrals from those who do buy from you (leave them with a good taste in their mouth).

Very few companies can offer you potential sales projections on a social media campaign. Ask your Internet marketing agency those tough questions. They will probably scramble for an answer. I would not blame them; social media advertising is still emerging. Other than my own, most agencies may even be dumbfounded if asked what their solution is for reaching blog happy demographics.

Source by G. Fabiola

Many people see being happy as their main aim in life. Ask them what they truly want and they’ll probably reply, ‘to feel happy’. However, I see happiness as a by-product in life, generated by activities and experiences, like a walk in nature, sitting people-watching in the mall, enjoying someone’s company, having a particularly satisfying or successful day. Few of us set off in the morning with happiness as our main aim for the day.

When you want to feel happy it starts by appreciating the small things in life. We will often find that those things hold the key to real happiness. A child’s laughter or them running over to us with the gift of a crumpled pine cone, a crisp autumnal day, a warm shower, listening to music; all those things which are so easy to take for granted can bring happiness and contentment when we stop and appreciate them.

Be sure to acknowledge your successes, no matter how small or unimportant you may think they are to others. They’re a testament to your efforts and as such deserve recognition and acknowledgement. If you’re working with a to-do list be sure to acknowledge all the additional things you do that are not on your list. Give yourself credit for those extras too.

A sense of achievement often comes when we’ve applied ourselves, worked hard and done our best. Even if something doesn’t work out as well as we’d hoped that sense of accomplishment can bring its own reward, having tried, pushed ourselves and given it our best shot. We should smile and give ourselves a pat on the back for having had a go, and as such feel happy and proud of ourselves.

A positive attitude is an important element of being happy, where we appreciate what we have and are grateful for it. There is so much in life to be grateful for but we can often lose sight of the good fortune we have, especially if we’re tempted to compare our lives to other people’s in an unfavourable way. Remember that many people would feel blessed to be in our shoes.

Balance in life is also important. Constant partying and fun might seem like the dream, but if we ate cake all the time we’d end up bored, fat and not enjoying cake as much! Find a balance between work, responsibilities and ‘me time’. Making an effort first often makes the reward of fun afterwards more meaningful and enjoyable.

Belonging, where we can be ourselves, perhaps as part of a group, makes a difference to our happiness levels. Knowing that we’re accepted as we are, that we don’t have to dress up, continually make an effort or pretend to be something we’re not can really allow us to relax and feel happy. Being judged, watched or permanently under scrutiny is a familiar part of many people’s everyday lives, so having places which are free from that burden is a big relief.

Being involved in charitable works and good acts can make us feel happy, having donated our time, skills or done something selfless. Doing good and helping others can bring a real sense of positivity into our lives, and it’s often about the act itself, rather than any recognition we may receive.

Our comfort zone can be a happy place for a time, but it’s important to leave it occasionally and explore further afield. Remember to accept opportunities and challenges that come your way, be prepared to scare yourself a little on a reasonably regular basis and avoid becoming too complacent, settled or comfortable.

Co-operating on a joint project or venture can bring much happiness and satisfaction into life. Think of a group of people tending a garden, volunteering or even sharing a commitment to exercise regularly or learn a new skill. It can be easier and more sustainable when we’re working together, urging each other on, joking as we appreciate how much we’ve achieved.

Afterwards there’s often a strong sense of camaraderie, of being part of a winning team, laughing at the failures, retelling anecdotes and in-jokes from the miscellany of adventures along the way, feeling happy at having been a part of the experience.

Whilst feeling happy may not be something we can necessarily choose for ourselves there are certainly many ways we can support ourselves and so become more comfortable and contented. It’s often then that we smile and realise how happy we’re feeling.

Source by Susan Leigh

The Kasubi tombs, traditionally known as Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga, a religious place in the Buganda kingdom is located on a hill within Kampala-Uganda. The tombs are a burial place for the four previous Kings of Buganda known traditionally as Kabakas, and are situated five kilometers away from Kampala city center on Kasubi hill. Historically, Buganda Kabaka's have always built their palaces on strategic hills inorder to find easy ways to escape during an invasion and to control the major roads to the palace.

The Baganda belong to the Bantu speaking people, one of Uganda's ethnic groups. According to tradition, the first Kabaka of Buganda was Kintu who is said to have come with his wife Nambi. Kabaka Kintu is said not to have died but to have disappeared into a forest at Magonga.

The Kasubi tombs are one of the burial grounds / royal tombs of the Kabakas of Buganda, and the site is an example of traditional Ganda Architecture and living traditions. The palace was built by Kabaka Mutesa 1 in 1882 and according to culture, each king was supposedly to be buried at a separate site when he died and a royal shrine to house his jawbone which was believed to contain his spirit was to be established at another site. Mutesa 1 was the 35th King of Buganda (1856-1884) and the first king to be buried in his former palace (the Tombs) at Kasubi without removing his jawbone. Mwanga II who succeeded his father Mutesa in 1884 was the second king to be buried at the Tombs after his remains were brought back from exile (seychelles islands) in 1910. His son Daudi Chwa II succeeded him at the age of one year in 1896 and rule until his death in 1939. He too was buried in the Tombs. Daudi Chwa II was succeeded by his son Edward Mutesa II and the then governor of the Uganda protectorate. He died in 1966 in exile (London) and his remains were brought back and buried in the Tombs in 1971.

The Kasubi Tombs is an important Burial site for the Kabakas of Buganda because old traditions where broken at the site when the Kabakas were buried together. Each prince and princess who is a descendant of the four Kabakas is also buried at Kasubi behind the main shrine. The site is important as a cemetery of the royalty of the Buganda kingdom.

The tombs corporation of the Bujjabukula (Gatehouse) is a beautiful built gate, which is the entrance of the site. Its constructed with wooden columns and a wall made of wooden woven reeds.The gate leads to a small courtyard with a circular house-House of Royal drums (Ndoga-obukaba) where the drums are kept. In the main courtyard, there are several houses built for the widows of the kabakas and other ritual purposes.

At Kasubi and all other royal tombs, there is an area behind a back-cloth curtain known as kibira (forest) where the real Tombs of the kabakas are and where certain royal ceremonies are performed like the new moon ceremony and the consultations of the mediums . In front of the curtain, there are raised platforms corresponding to the position of each kabakas tomb behind the curtain.Entrance to the "Secret forest" is anly limited to the widows of the Kabakas, the royal family, the Buganda Prime-minister ( katikkiro) and the Nalinya (kabakas official sister).

The Kasubi Tombs are adorned with royal regalia like spears, drums, medals, photographs and shields of the kabakas buried there.The structure is supported by wooden poles wrapped in backcloth and the floor covered with grass and palm leaves mats. Backcloth traditionally popular for clothing is a fabric made from the soft back of a fig tree (Ficus natalensis) and has a strong ritual importance to the people of Uganda. Thatching of the roof is flown out by members of the Ngeye clan (colobus monkey clan) The ant decorators of the poles are from the Leopard clan, who are the only people allowed to do this work.Pregnant women and widows are not allowed to enter the building during its being thatched since this is believed to cause leakage. Similarly, the thatchers are not supposed to haver sexual intercourse during the thatching period.The great roof is supported by 52 rings, which represent the 52 clans in the Ganda culture.

The Baganda cultures can also be experienced at sites like Katereke prison where the king imprisoned his brothers in a trench. Naggalabi coronation site, Buddo where the kabakas of Buganda have been crowned for the past 700 years. Wamala Tomb the secret burial place of Kabaka Suuna II (1836-1856) who had 148 wives and 218 Children. Namasole Kanyange Tombs where the mother to Kabaka Suuna II was buried. Ssezibwa falls a spiritual place for the kings and Baagalayaze Nnamasole Tombs where the mother of Kabaka Mwanga II was buried.

The magnificent features of the Kasubi tombs represent the rich traditions and heritage of the Baganda people. People believe that every persons death has a spiritual origin and there is interaction between the living and the dead. The cultures of the Baganda lie in the Magnificent Tombs, where the bodies and spirits of their fore fathers, rulers and traditions lie to date.

Source by Jackie Kisibo

Porcelain veneers are a great way to cover chipped, cracked, discolored, slightly misaligned, or gapped teeth. The procedure is quite common and can be easily performed by most dentists in a matter of a couple visits. The veneers are made of a thin strip of porcelain, which is bonded directly to the front of the teeth in order to improve the shape and / or color of your smile.

First, consult your dentist and clearly express what it is that you would like to achieve. Obviously communicating your desires and expectations with your dentist will help ensure that you have successful results that you will be happy with. Your dentist can fully explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

After the initial consultation, your first visit will be to fit you for your new smile. It may be necessary for your dentist to strip away small amounts of the tooth to make room for the porcelain veneers. If this is necessary, a local anesthetic will be used to alleviate any discomfort. Impressions of your teeth will then be made and sent away to be crafted to fit your smile as closely as possible. If your teeth require any contouring, temporary veneers may be given to you to use until the permanent veneers can be finished.

When you return to the dentist for your second visit, your porcelain veneers will be test fitted to your teeth to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit. The dentist will then use a bonding agent to permanently secure the veneers to your teeth, creating a lasting seal. The tooth covering is then hardened, making your new smile durable and able to hold up to daily usage.

Your dentist will no doubt want to see you again for follow-up visits to ensure satisfactory results. Directly after the application of your porcelain veneers, your teeth may be a bit sensitive to temperature. Extremely hot or cold food and beverages should be avoided for the first two weeks if you experience any sensitivity.

As far as care goes, your porcelain tooth covering will be nearly just as durable as your teeth, and will only require the same care your teeth needed before the procedure. Flossing and brushing regularly will ensure that your veneers will last. A professional check-up and cleaning is recommended every 6 months, just as normal. With proper care, your new smile will typically last in upwards of 15 years.

Every dental institution's porcelain tooth coverings may differ slightly from this, but, in general, this is what you can expect when having porcelain dental veneers applied to your teeth. Be sure to consult your dentist to see if porcelain veneers will be helpful to you.

Source by Budda Oliver

For those that hate the look of their smile, consider hiring a cosmetic dentist to step in and provide you with the care you need. These professionals will work with you, hand in hand, to get your smile looking as beautiful as you would like it to be. These professionals are able to talk to you, get an idea of ​​what you believe your problems are and then offer a treatment option that's right for you. Many of those treatments are fast and effective. They can also make a dramatic difference in your ability to smile confidently again.

What Needs Done?

Each person's individual needs are very different from each other. You will likely need a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to determine what the best options for you are. The following are some examples of the most common procedures as well as how they could help you.

Whitening – It is one of the most popular types of treatments as it helps to brighten up the smile. These treatments can help to remove stains and discoloration from the teeth, creating a cleaner looking smile.

Shaping the enamel – Another solution for some is enamel shaping. Here, the provider uses a specialized method to remove or contour the same of the tooth to create a uniform look. It is especially helpful in situations where a tooth chip occurs.

Contouring – In this option, the dental care provider will reshape the tooth. It helps to repair situations including cracked, chipped or crooked teeth. It can also help some patients to avoid the use of braces to improve the smile without more invasive procedures.

Bonding – In some situations, they apply a product on the tooth's surface and then sculpt into the proper shape. This procedure is bonding. It can help to provide what looks like a new tooth in the mouth.

Veneers – In some situations, it is not possible to improve the current teeth and that is when procedures like veneers and implants can help. Here, the dentist can help hide or mask the teeth with the more destructive look. Veneers can be very effective in transforming a full smile in a fast and safe way.

For those that need care for oral health, you should contact your dental care provider. If your oral health is just fine but you need to improve the way your smile looks, contact a cosmetic dentist. He or she will work with you to determine what the best overall treatment option is for your needs and then determine what steps you should take to get the process started. Sometimes, more than one treatment option is best. In other cases, you may not need any treatment at all. During a consultation, you will learn about all of your options.

Source by Anders Abadie

If you are visiting Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a must-see attraction. Tickets to the Glass Bridge average about $25 per person. However, depending on how you get to the Bridge, there are additional costs that you need to be aware. Here are the most common:

Parking Fee

Grand Canyon West is located 120 miles east of Las Vegas. The last 15 miles are over a rough, dirt road. High-clearance vehicles are recommended. There’s a car park at the end of the road. Cost to park: $20

Park Entrance Fee

The Skywalk is on Hualapai Indian tribal land. To access it, you will be required to buy a permit, known as the Legacy Pass:

  • Adults: $43.05
  • Kids (3-11 years): $35.03
  • Senior/Military: $39.85

The Pass includes unlimited shuttle bus use, which stops at the Skywalk, Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Ranch.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Tickets

Currently, tickets to the Skywalk are:

  • Adults: $29.95
  • Kids (3-11 years): $22.46
  • Senior/Military: $26.96

This entitles you to unlimited one-day access to the Bridge.


You are not allowed to bring any personal electronics onto the Skywalk, including digital cameras, cell phones, and digital video recorders. Professional photographers are on the scene to snap photos of you. Cost per photo is $30. Quality? Professional.


Secure lockers for your personal belongings are $3.

Fuel Surcharges

This fee was added to bus and helicopter tours during the spike in gas prices in 2008. Most companies have waived it. Make sure to read the fine print.

The Real Cost

No matter how you slice it, your base cost to visit Grand Canyon Skywalk as an adult is:

Park Entrance Fee: $43.05 Skywalk Ticket: $29.95 Total: $73

If you rent a car, add the following costs:

Rental Car (one day, Sport Utility Vehicle): $60 Gas (full tank): $50 Parking: $20 Total: $130

Many people opt to take a bus or helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Skywalk. Bus tours start at $95 (includes lunch, park entrance fee) and require you to only pay for your Skywalk ticket. Helicopter tours begin at $350 and include VIP admission to the Bridge and park entrance fee. Bus tours take a full day; helicopters require half a day. Most of these tours can be upgraded to include, among other things, a helicopter ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon or a pontoon boat cruise on the Colorado River.

Skywalk Quick Facts

More than a million people have experienced the Glass Bridge since it opened in 2007. The structure extends 70 feet beyond the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, suspending the visitor some 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. The Bridge can support more than 800 people at one time, but maximum occupancy is 120 people. Drive time from Las Vegas takes about 2.5 hours; helicopter flight time is 45 minutes. No digital cameras are allowed in order to prevent chipping of the structure’s glass panels.

Wrap UP

Purchasing a ticket to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a straightforward affair. It’s how you choose to get to the Glass Bridge where you have to do your homework. Using a rental car has its own set of unique costs (car rental, gas, parking, etc.). Same goes for taking a bus or helicopter tour from Las Vegas. Pick the one that fits your travel budget the best. Then make your way to the Skywalk, one of Las Vegas’ most popular day trips and attractions.

Source by Keith Kravitz

Are you looking to work from home and heard that Avon was a great and easy way to make money? Avon is a great company and has some fabulous products and even greater prices. They are one of the fastest growing companies with markets in over 135 countries across the world. Their fastest growing markets are in China and Russia.

Avon is a direct marketing company that uses door-to-door sales, catalogs and now the Internet. Each distributor is able to have his or her own website for their customers to look at the catalog and place their orders.

David H. McDonnell who was at the time a door-to-door salesman who sold books founded Avon in 1886. He would give out perfume to his female customers to encourage them to buy his books. The perfume became more popular then the books. He then found the California Perfume Company in New York, NY.

His company started to grow; he knew he needed someone to help him sell, which is when he hired his very first representative, Mrs. Albee. Avon has over 5 million representatives now and still growing. You can be one yourself if you enjoy meeting people in your neighborhood. Do you want to have your own boss and work on your schedule?

Your earnings will depend on you and your ability to sell in a way that will youre your customers where they will want you to keep coming back. You can be a traditional Representative, or you can be trained as an Avon Beauty Advisor. And by introducing the opportunity to others, you will help your business to grow.

Avon is a huge commitment, fun to sell, but it is not as easy as it looks. You will have some customers that will call you for their favorite product. You will on the other hand, be making flyers, passing them out, (great job for your kids). You will be purchasing samples, cards, bags, and everything else an Avon customer expects from their sales rep. You will also need to take into account the time to deliver your products. They usually want you to stay and visit, which is great when you have the time. This is when you make the most sales.

The reason I know this is because I sold Avon for over a year. The first few months I did great, had wonderful support from my supervisor. I was excited about my new business and started calling all my family and friends to let them know I was selling Avon. I asked them all to please order something to help me get started. I then tried to do the business while also running a day care business and there was too much commitment with the latter and I was forced let go of my Avon business. I was not making enough with my Avon business to make it worth my while; it was more of a part time income.

The most difficult part for me was that I was investing more money over time than I was actually making. I had a storeroom that was filled with Avon products that I ended up having a yard sale just to get some of my money back. I was selling the products below my wholesale because I needed the money right away.

I can not explain what the reasons are, but there is something that we, the sales reps are not told, are not able to create that success that you see the top people able to achieve. They seem to flaunt the small 10% of those that succeed, whether it is because they are investing thousands of their own money and therefore approaching the accolade of achievement, I'm just not sure. But they do not let you know the other 90% who are struggling and trying to figure out exactly what I have explained. How are they doing it? Why can not I do this successfully? What am I doing wrong? Avon should not be this difficult to make money with.

I have continued to gravitate towards network marketing because I had small children at home and I was trying to earn some extra money without having to leave them.

But time and time again, I failed, but not by sitting doing nothing, because I worked very hard. While a few do well in sales marketing businesses, the majorities are either off to another MLM or looking for a new job

Source by Brian Garvin

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