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“You look up at the stars and they are already looking at you like little angels of GOD”. These stars are like pearls in the sky, showing you different patterns and makes you feel enchanted deep down inside. These stars give you courage to keep shinning even in darkness. When they are being covered by clouds, they manage to shine after rain. This is exactly related to human lives. We need to keep going despite of discouragements and rejections. People will come into your life just like the dark clouds covering the shinning stars. They will destroy your shines, but you should manage to shine even after they leave. Then there is a regular pattern being shown by these stars and that’s you don’t shine everyday of your life. You see that shooting star which disappears within seconds. Just like that, ups and downs are part of our continuous struggle. Nothing fascinates me more than that “Morning star”, shining brightly even when the dark night has gone behind the shining rays of the sun.


“When Flowers bloom so does hope”. The smell and fragrance these flowers cannot be compared with any other perfumes in the world. There is always a kind of natural attachment to plants specially flowers of rose and jasmine usually attract your attention in a very special way. When they get bloomed, they attract us as long as they are refreshing, but as soon as they fade, no one pays attention to them and we move towards the new blooming flowers in the garden. Same is the case in human lives, as long as someone is at the peak we show our interest towards them, but when their destructive era gets started no one remember them. Like poets of the subcontinent, they were popular personalities of 18th century but now no one even remember their names. Like William Shakespeare said “life is like a stage” so new people appear on the stage and old ones are being pushed to the back of the stage.


The running water in the seas is similar to running blood in our veins. When you stand on the bank of the river, you feel free and your flow states get charged. Sometimes, you just want to dive in the ocean and want your problems to flow away with the water. These rivers give you hope to stay in your flow state and let your troubles flow away.

Stay close to the nature and nature will stay close to you. You need to understand that these natural bodies around us are a real source of inspiration and give us hope not just to survive, but to thrive.

Source by Aleeza Safdar

As we all know, having good dental health is essential to overall wellness. Developing in your children the habit of brushing and flossing is a wonderful start, but regular check-ups and cleanings with your dentist are an essential part of maintaining good oral health. When you start caring for their dental health as children, you ensure their overall wellbeing for their adulthood to come.

A Primary Tooth Timeline

The time when a child gets his or her first tooth varies between the first three to sixteen months after birth. On average, the first tooth usually erupts around six months. Incisors are the first teeth to erupt, with the bottom two teeth traditionally arriving four to eight weeks later. The timeframe of tooth eruption in infants and toddlers is hereditary.

Teeth continue to erupt in the child’s mouth until all twenty primary teeth have arrived. This process is generally completed by age three. At this point, the child will have these teeth until the shedding process begins. Children start to lose their primary teeth sometime during the ages of six and seven.

Early Preventive Care of Your Child’s Teeth

When your child’s first teeth begin to grow in, your pediatrician will more than likely perform a basic oral examination to evaluate the health of your young child’s mouth. Cleaning your infant’s teeth requires little more than gently rubbing them with a damp washcloth. With the intake of food and liquids being very limited at this early stage, this cleaning process should suffice.

After your child has developed more teeth, it is advisable to begin using a soft children’s toothbrush. Find gentle children’s toothpaste and use sparingly, especially if the child is still not old enough to spit out what is in his or her mouth.

Timing Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist

Ideally, your child should visit the dentist within the eruption of the first four teeth. Starting the management of oral health at this age will help your child to grow accustomed to the dentist and his or her staff, as well as promotes great dental hygiene.

Some parents may believe that starting this early seems frivolous, but this assumption is not medically correct. In fact, it is of the utmost importance that these early primary teeth receive proper care. The child will have these teeth until at least ages six or seven, and the health of these teeth will affect the child’s overall health and well-being.

The First Exciting Visit

If your child is older than an infant or toddler, and you are taking him or her to the dentist for the first time, there is a chance that the child may have some anxiety about the first visit to the dentist. You can alleviate their fears by taking them to a pre-appointment, where they meet the dentist and their staff. Visiting a website of an experienced family dentist, such as, can be helpful in assessing what your child may need, and you can visit this site with your child to show them the friendly faces. This will make your children feel more at ease, and it allows them to see where they will be going when they have their appointment.

Starting early with your child in maintaining positive oral health is essential to developing positive habits and preventing complications in the future. When primary teeth begin to fall out and the permanent teeth come in, positive habits and good health are already in place.

Source by Mike Mccoy

Sydney is a beautiful city that has got lots to offer – amazing harbor, tens of beaches, interesting museum and some great architecture (like Opera House). But of course there is a bridge – Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Locals call the coat hanger and it is possibly the most recognizable bridge in the world. There is lots of great things to do in Sydney and the bridge is possibly the largest attraction the city has gotten to offer to those visiting. In this article I will try to tell you about this amazing structure and what you can do to enjoy it the most.

Some facts

Sydney Harbor Bridge was opened in 1932 after nine years of constructions. It measures 134 meters (440 ft) from top to water level and provides eight lanes of traffic as well as railway line, a bicycle path and a pedestrian walkway. Over $ 3mln and 30,000 liters of paint are needed each year to keep the bridge in shape. It is the most important bridge Sydney has.

Climb the bridge

Bridge climb has become one of Sydney's most popular attractions in the recent years. It started back in 1998 and it gives tourists the ability to climb the southern half of the bridge. There are many tours every day – from dawn to dusk and even at night. Those who decide to climb are provided with the protective clothing and are accommodated to the top of the structure by experienced guide. Unfortunately tourists are not allowed to bring their cameras with them to the top.

Unfortunately this attraction is quite expensive. $ 300 is a steep price to pay. But do not worry. If you do not want to spend that much, there are some other options for you to explore the bridge.

Walk across the bridge

Instead of climbing the bridge you can simply walk across it. It costs nothing and it is very easy to accomplish, but very few tourists actually do it. It is a shame, because it is a great experience which provides a very different view on the structure, but also on Opera House and the city center. There is a small park at the northern end of the bridge and it is recommended to get there. The view from the other side is splendid, especially at night, when the city is lightened up. This spot provides opportunities for fantastic photos of city's skyline.

Best vantage points

A park at the northern end of the bridge is just one of a few amazing vintage points perfect for snapping amazing photos. Another one is in the botanical garden. Just enter the garden via the gate next to Opera House and follow the main path along the water until you reach the end of it. From there you have a view like from the postcard. Two major attractions of Sydney are here, standing next to each other – Opera House and the bridge. Make sure you walk to this place, as the view is spectacular.

Source by Maggy Bis

More sunshine, high temperatures, warmer seas, smaller towns, affordable prices and individual beaches are making the southern Black Sea coast more and more attractive to property buyers and investors.


With more than 700,000 foreign tourists expected for this summer in the area of ​​Nessebur alone, it is this kind of development in tourism which will lead to better services and infrastructure for the southern Black Sea coast, increasing its popularity with purchasers.

Thomas Cook, Thompson and First Choirce all say that according to their bookings there will be more English tourists than ever on the Black Sea this year. The first tourists have already arrived here – quite early, on the 4th April. The main tourism companies expect an increase in tourists of around 11% compared to last year.

Bourgas Airport

Kalin Barzov who is the Executive Director of the airport presented the project for the much needed new Bourgas airport terminal on March 30th this year. Once finished the airport capacity will enable one million passengers to pass through each season. He said that the entrance to the new terminal would be constructed in the Museum of Aviation and the baggage hall extended to some 1,000 sq.m. The project also includes 30 additional bus spaces in the parking lot and 80 additional car parking spaces.


The main characteristics of this area are small towns and the beaches. There are numerous individual small beaches separated by rocky peninsulas justting into the sea. This creates deep bays with really clear water also protecting the beaches from cold winds during the winter, making this area more suitable for all year tourism.

Towns in this southern region of the coast tend to be smaller and queter, often offering more affordable property. However, as this area rapidly develops, prices are rising fast in line with the trend of most of the market but are still typically lower than around the Varna area. Apart from the prices, the sea here is generally 1 to 3 degrees warmer than in the northern part of the coast and the region also offers a longer period during the year of temperatures over 20 degrees C.

Although building is going on apace and infrastructure improving all the time, most of the local authorities in this region are very anxious to avoid over-building and over-crowding of the area – in their own words "We do not want another Benidorm! "He said.

There is a wide choice of property available, from off plan right on the coast, through land plots with great views to build your own dream house, to run-down rural homes for renovation away from the coastline. As ever, those properties just that bit inland are significantly cheaper than front line seaside ones.

Where to buy

Asking the agents who specialize in this area where the property hotspots and the answer always looks to come back the same – "the whole of it!"

Apart from the obvious spot of Golden Sands, Sunny Beach and leaving away the towns of Bourgas and Nessebur, here's a brief run-down of the key property buying areas, starting at Sozopol and going south:

Sozopol with its old town and ambience is fast becoming a main target for property purchases. Prices lower than Varna. Still possible to find affordable prices. Off plan developments here tend to be smaller. Some lovely developments on the cliffs with stunning views reminiscent of Italy.

Duni holiday village is a recent resort complex, set along a beautiful beach of some 4.5 kms. The resort consists of three originally designed main zones, forming separate architectural ensembles with their own characteristic style and atmosphere:

Heading south from here the coastline becomes even more beautiful. The forests of the Strandzha mountain are close to the sea here and provides an extraordinary area of ​​forest and sea for investment.

South of this is Stomoplo. This coastline is better known as the northern beach of Primorsko resort. Here is a 2,300m long beach, nice and wide with sand dunes. Primorsko and Kiten (a little gem) have become well known beach resorts and are popular with property buyers.

South of the small peninsula where is Kiten, can be seen the magnificent Atliman Bay. From this point, again heading south, there are beautiful untouched small beaches: Karaagach, Lozen, Gochov Ergek, Popadiiski, Tzarevo, Varvaski and Ahtopol. These are being discovered more and more with purchasers, prices are very favorable and affordable.

Right at the southern end now, you'll find the villages of Sinemorets and Rezovo (right on the border with Turkey). Sinemorets village was part of the restricted border area when Bulgaria was under communist rule. No access was allowed to outsiders but this rule has now been abolished and it has become very attractive to wealthy Bulgarians who have both bought land and built large villas here.

Prices in the area range from a lovely traditional house just inland at 13,000 euros, to apartments in Pomorie starting at 74,000 euros and, under construction, apartments in Varvara starting at 43,965 euros – right through to a luxury newly built villa with air conditioning, swimming pool, stunning bay views, 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms at 240,000 euros.

If you want to know more about investing in Bulgaria – Quest Bulgaria is the specialist English language magazine about Bulgaria and Bulgarian property. A monthly guide for those searching for property in Bulgaria whether as a holiday home or as an investment. It is the leading point of reference for those seeking comprehensive, impartial and independent advice on Bulgaria.

Monthly Printed Magazine – Subscribers Discount Scheme – Ask the Expert online Advice Board – Property Quest BG property portal

Jain Goodall

Quest Bulgaria Magazine


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Mobile phones of the present time have definitely evolved beyond just basic devices for calls or messages. Today, smart phones seem to be the next generation in terms of mobile communications. With tons of added features, including internet connectivity, multimedia enjoyment, and more, smart phones are must-haves for busy individuals. And with that, among the most well-known smart phone and PDA manufacturers in the world is none other than Palm, Inc.

Starting out in 1992 in Sunnyvale California, Palm Computing, Inc. came up with its first PDA called the Zoomer. The company’s founder was Jeff Hawkins, who along with other designers intended to make PDAs more consumer-friendly. After acquisitions years later, Palm emerged as one of the authorities when it comes to PDAs and smart phones. At the start of the new year 2009, Palm intended to wow its fans by debuting its newest release the Palm Pre, aimed to beat the seemingly unbeatable Apple iPhone.

What is the Palm Pre? This up and coming four ounce gadget has a 3.1 inch touch screen, and its slides up to reveal a QWERTY keypad. The operating system for the Palm Pre is the Linux based Palmweb OS, and this smart phone currently has CDMA, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity. Later on, Palm intends to release a 3G version. Apart from its generous 8 GB memory, the Palm Pre also has a 3 mega pixel digital camera equipped with LED flash.

In terms of inner features of the Palm Pre, it surely does not disappoint. According to the product page at the Palm, Inc. website, the Palm Pre allows for multitasking, so you can open several windows and apps at the same time. Also, there is a universal search options, so your Palm Pre can help you look easily through your contacts, messages, Wikipedia, and even Google.

To help you get things more organized, the Palm Pre can also connect your calendars and show them as one schedule, thanks to Palm Synergy technology. This includes calendars you set on your smart phone, your Facebook profile, and even Google calendars. In addition to those handy features, the Palm Pre also has integrated messaging, supports various audio, video, and image formats, as well as built-in Global Positioning System (GPS).

In the United States, the Palm Pre is expected to be out in the market in the first half of 2009. Gathering several awards after its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas, including Best in Smart Phones and Cell Phones, the Palm Pre will be exclusively distributed by the Sprint Nextel network in the US.

As of the first quarter of 2009, Vodafone has expressed its interests by negotiation with Palm regarding the release of the Palm Pre in the United Kingdom. Before Brit mobile fanatics will know it, Vodafone will soon own the exclusive rights to sell the Pre to its subscribers in the UK for the first three months upon the model’s launch. According to a report by Softpedia, Vodafone also intends to distribute the Palm Pre exclusively among its clientele in Spain and Germany by the middle of 2009.

Palm-Pre&id=2057941″>Source by Benedict Hunter

For people like me who are very 'non-tech-savvy', the word 'smartphone' means a very complex piece of machinery and a useless spending. However, this was before I owned a Palm Treo 700 smartphone. After purchasing the first 700 model, 700w, I became converting immediately and have also used the other two phones in the 700 range just to make sure that they are as good or better than the first one. The thing I loved about all Palm Treo 700 phones is the extreme user-friendship.

I have used a few mobile phones before which look sleek enough but clumsy that I am, it was very difficult to dial them. Palm Treo are usually known for their single-handed usability and it is not all missing from the phones in the 700 series. Let us now check each of the three Treo 700 phones separately.

Treo 700w is the first Treo phone to use Windows Mobile OS. After I used Palm OS in Treo 700p, I would not call it an improvement on the previous phones, but it definitely offers an option for users who are comfortable with Windows. In fact, Palm has not been able to resist the temptation to update the Windows screen a bit, which has added to the uniqueness of the phone.

The phone has an elegant look and feel with a silver-gray casing. It comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera with 2x zoom, TFT touch screen display, built-in Bluetooth compliance and lithium-ion battery.

Treo 700p has many features in common with 700w. However, it supports Palm OS instead of Windows and also has the highest screen resolution of all 700 phones. It has a built-in Bluetooth wireless like the previous model and it allows using the phone as a wireless modem. All Treo 700 phones support EV-DO high-speed wireless data. This is the first Palm OS phone to offer this feature.

The latest Treo 700 smartphone, Treo 700wx again supports Windows Mobile 5.0. Apart from the features it shares with 700w, 700wx along with 700p has been given a big boost in the memory department by doubling the memory capacity. Right now this phone is offered by Alltell, Sprint and Verizon unlike the other two which are offered only by Sprint and Verizon.

Palm-Treo-700-Smartphones—What-You-Should-Check-Out&id=2239849″>Source by Howerd Trent

"I know it looks bad but I can explain everything."

Oscar Rivero, the poster boy for Miami's public housing rip-off, the man who promised to build affordable housing and collected over $ 3 million in advance from his cronies at the public housing authority with nothing to show for it except the mansion he is currently building outside of Coral Gables, may have been thinking this when he opened today's Miami Herald. The story, led by future Pulitzer Prize winner Debbie Cenziper (you read it here first), features a front page photo by Miami Herald photographer Tim Chapman. It shows Rivero's 11,000-square-foot palatial estate under construction. It has five bedrooms, nine baths, eight walk-in-closets, a four-car garage, a wine cellar, library, billiard room, elevator, pool, spa, fountain– "plus a grand foyer, three stories high, fixed with Mediterranean columns and a spiral staircase. "

MVB believes everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. With that in mind, we decided to call Mr. Rivero to get his side of the story. The following interview may sound like something the MiamiVision Comic might use in one of his stand-up routines and he probably will once he is released from Mercy Hospital (see blog entry "Attack on the MiamiVision Comic") but for those who live in Miami , what may appear highly unbelieveable, is quite the norm in the city's everyday "Surreal Life."

MVB : Mr. Rivero?

Rivero (R): Si.

MVB: This is MiamiVision Blogarama.

R: Que?

MVB : "The Rodney Dangerfield of Blogs."

R: Never hear of it.

MVB: Of course. Would you care to comment about today's Miami Herald story?

MVB: I know it looks bad, but I can explain everything. That mansion you see on the front page, it's going to be a country club for the homeless.

MVB: "Country Club for the Homeless"?

R: Si. Do you really think I would build something that big just for my wife and me?

MVB: Well, we want to be objective here, but there is so much evidence against you–

R: Evidence– schmevidence! That house was built with the poor in mind and to suggest otherwise would be politically incorrect.

MVB: "Politically incorrect"?

R: Si. Just because you're poor and living on the streets, does that mean you can not have a place to crash for a little R & R?

MVB: Of course not, Mr. Rivero, but some might suggest that the poor are on the streets in the first place because you never built one building for them in four years.

R: What do you call my "Country Club for the Homeless"?

MVB: A nice try.

The interview was cut short when Mr. Rivero hung up. Despite numerous attempts to call him back, we were unsuccessful in reaching him before this posting.

Miami-Public-Housing—Country-Club-for-the-Homeless&id=282481″>Source by DC Copeland

This is not the type of workout to put forth any half effort! If you really want the increase in performance by increasing your athletic explosive ability to improve your vertical jump then this is just for you! The kettleblell is a great tool for applying great total-body tension which is the key ingredient for building strength and power. Different parts of the body can be more emphasized than other parts, but the bell is the master of generating that total-body strength and conditioning.

1. The Overhead Snatch: If you are not familiar with this particular lift then you need to do your homework! This particular lift is the kettlebell version of the Olympic snatch lift. For the purpose of this article I am referring to executing a single arm overhead snatch. This lift is explosive and promotes serious shoulder stability, core strength, hip strength, and overall explosive vertical mobility! This lift trains your body in a highly effective manner by stimulating the nervous system causing your body to develop that athletic explosiveness that is necessary for increasing your vertical jump. You can perform this lift by doing intense weight working more on training your power, or by testing your endurance and doing a high volume of repetitions.

2. The Jerk: Just like the traditional barbell Olympic lift the same lift can be executed with the kettlebells. This is a slightly different variation because you are dealing with having to stabilize a kettlebell in each arm. Each side has to be more independently stabilized to optimally execute the lift. As you clean the bells to your chest from the floor you have to then explosively utilize the hips to drive forward getting the bells vertical and locked out above your head. This is another great lift to improve you vertical jumping ability.

Source by Brandon Richey

Many people today are getting more knowledgeable about dental health and healthcare. This is contrary to how the case was a couple of years ago. That is why there are many people pursuing dentist related courses in college. The number of practicing and experienced dentists has also been growing considerably around the globe. This has created some state of competition in the field and there if you want to find a cheap dentist today, you would not have to go any much hassle.

The number of specializations for dentists has also grown a great deal. People at dentist school are not just taught about basic dental care but rather a wide range of dental care elements. This has led to an increase in the number of top cosmetic dentists all over the world today. Seeking for cosmetic dental surgery services should there not be too much of an issue for you. The number of hospital establishments and dental clinics cropping up all over the place is a sure sign that there are many dentists in the field.

If you want to find a top rated dentist today, you would not need to go any much hassle. It does not matter whether you are a resident of the United States or whichever nation anywhere in the world, one thing that you can be assured of is that dental care is pretty much obtainable. If you need to search for top cosmetic dentists or any other kinds of dentists today, there are two main resources that you can use. Here are the two main avenues which you can adopt;

• Searching for scholars through the use of magazines may be a good idea for you. There are plenty of issues of dental service related magazines being sold in bookshops and streets all over the globe today. You can check out some of these magazines in order to understand the kind of services they can offer you. Magazines are in fact the best resource to use if you want to find a cheap dentist.

• The other useful resource to use is the internet. You can search for cosmetic dental surgery services online as well. The internet is in fact being used to search for virtually any kind of information today. Most of the top cosmetic dentists today have got sites live on the internet that they use in order to market their services. You can check out some of these sites in order to understand what every top rated dentist can offer you when it comes to dental care services.

Source by James C William

North Miami Beach is located roughly halfway between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Once known as Fulford (after a constant citizen of the area), citizens of the town changed the name in 1931, after realizing that "Fulford" sounds like it might be the birthplace of the hillbillies from "Deliverance." Now often known as NMB, North Miami Beach is a hotbed of shopping and clothing optional beaches. There are dining and cultural opportunities to rival anywhere else in South Florida, and strange attractions as well. Take, for example, the Ancient Spanish Monastery – a genuine Spanish monastery (built in the 12th century) that was disassembled and moved brick by brick to the new world by well-known plutocrat and newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Ever a popular site for weddings, it is worth a visit, if only to remind you what can be accomplished with single vision and limitless resources.

If you are looking for a good time in North Miami Beach (and who is not), there's a great place you have to try. Far away from South Beach and Coconut Grove, Bermuda Bar and Grill is a great nightclub, though with a decidedly different vibe than hotspots further south. The bartenders seem to wear kilts (a little difference) and rather than the typical fruity, umbrella filled drinks that are popular in SoBe, at the Bermuda you'll find people enjoying bottles of beer and shots (a bigger difference). The cover is quite reasonable, and Wednesday is ladies' night, where women drink for free and force men to do their bidding. The food is pretty good, and at more than a reasonable prices than the food at the clubs in South Beach. The place is quite large; it features seven bars and two floors, and it's open until the sun comes up (Wednesday through Saturday). All in all, the Bermuda Bar and Grill is the perfect place to go if you are tired of dealing with the crowds and parking situation of SoBe and Coconut Grove.

But, just because the Bermuda is a little more laid back than other clubs does not mean that you should not go there in style. Mirage Limo is ready, willing, and able to cart you to almost any club of your choice (provided it's in Florida), and a limousine is a great way to go to any hotspot. Give the Bermuda Bar and Grill a try; you'll be glad you did.

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