August 2018

Miami is the most popular tourist destination in Florida, located on the Atlantic coast it homes a population of over 2,500,000. Miami is blamed for its all round hot summer, pristine beaches and lavish hotels. However, Miami more than just a beach resort. Here are five must-see sites in Miami.

Miami Seaquarium
This spectacular 38-acre marine park presents eight different aquatic shows on a daily basis, as well as a number of educational presentations. It is located near downtown Miami on the island of Virginia Key, Biscayne Bay and is easily accessible from all major destinations in Miami. Miami Seaquarium is home to Lolita, one of the world's oldest captive orcas, as well as many other creatures of the deep, including fish, sea turtles, reptiles and sharks. A visit to the Seaquarium is inspiring, educational and fun, making it a great day out for the entire family.

Jungle Island
Formally known as "Parrot Jungle", this zoological park is a proven family-favorite. Located East of downtown Miami, Jungle Island allows visitors to get up close and personal with animals from all over the globe, including Hercules, the 900lbs Liger (cross between a lion and a tiger).

A highlight of Jungle Island is the park's "Everglades Habitat" – a hands-on experience where guests can explore a recreation of Florida's Everglades, complete with plantlife and wildlife.

Coral Castle
Coral Castle has been dazzling visitors for over 70 years. The stone-built fantasy world was built by a man weighing little more than 100 lbs, standing just 5 feet tall, which is quite astounding. The structure compositions of numerous megalithic shaped stones, mostly coral limestone, some of which weigh several tons. How the structures were built is surrounded by mystery, referring back to their creator Edward Leedskalnin.

Venetian Pool
The Venetian Pool is steeped in history, having been designed by architect Phineas Paist in 1924. Fashioned in a beautiful Venetian architectural style, the pool is formed in an old rock quarry, with 820,000 gallons passing through it daily, making it the largest freshwater pool in the US.

Miami Art Museum
Located in Miami Cultural Plaza at 101 West Flagler Street in Downtown Miami, the Miami Art Museum is Florida's contemporary hub. The Museum showcases contemporary art from around the globe as well as Western pieces, including photographs, paintings and sculptures.

All pieces of artwork are from the 1940s onwards, including locally inspired art, which reflect Miami's diverse and cultural rich background.

There is so much to see and do in Miami. No matter how long you stay, the city offers a wide range of days out and cultural experiences for people of all ages.

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Dental insurance has become quite essential, as have visits to dentists. The amount of money that people are spending on dentists is increasing, and many companies provide dental insurance along with medical insurance. To keep up with the rising expectations of employees from companies to provide them with dental coverage, a lot of private companies have started opting for dental insurances. Since their systems and financial structures do not provide for them to have their own dental insurance plan, they buy insurance plans for all their employees from an insurance company. The dental insurance companies provide special quotes and terms for small businesses and enterprises. This makes it easier for the businesses to avail of these insurance policies and satisfies their employees with a plan that is comparable with other larger companies.

Almost all dental insurance companies offer plans for small businesses and selecting an appropriate plan from countless regional and national plans offered can seem like an overwhelming assignment. The Consumer's Guide to Dental Insurance can prove very useful to the owners of small business to help find a plan that is best for their company. These guides help small business find dental insurance companies that offer a wide range choice of regional and national plans for small companies. The guide gives information on what different policies cover, the cost of each, etc. The small business must then decide to cover the policy altogether, or have employees pay a certain percent. More and more small businesses are opting to have the employee pay a certain percent.

Source by Jennifer Bailey

ISO shipping containers are a major innovation in the movement of cargo both inland and overseas. The term ‘ISO’ means ‘International Standards Organization’ and sets the standard for the movement of freight worldwide.

It is essential that these units meet the exacting standards set by the ISO because of the large volume and different types of product they carry. And, not only do they need to be able to bear extremely heavy loads they also must be sound enough to be stacked when being shipped. And, of course, they need to stand up to extremely harsh conditions such as when being transported in rough seas as well as being rust resistant for when they are being transported on heavily salted roads during the winter months.

In order to be cargo worthy most shipping containers are CSC plated. They come in various sizes, usually between 20 and 45 feet in length, though some can be anything up to 100 foot long. There are also varying types of container, such as Steel Dry, Hi-Cube Steel Dry, Open Top and Flat Rack. The type of container to be used will depend on the cargo and the conditions under which it will be carried. The container service provider will also be able to give advice on the best type of unit to be used.

The design of shipping containers depends on how they are to be transported. The larger ones, which are usually constructed from lighter materials, are used mainly for inland – road and rail – transportation and are weather proofed – resistant to wind and rain.

As well as being useful for the mass transportation of cargo by road, rail and sea, shipping containers can also be transported by air, though the various air freight lines often produce their own containers, specifically designed for their aircraft.

The mass use of shipping containers has revolutionised the movement of goods worldwide.. A survey of American ports as early as 1998 showed that moving goods in bulk using shipping containers sped up the operation by up to 2,000 per cent. Not only does does this mean that the product will reach the customer much more quickly, it also saves heavily on transportation and labour costs, leading to the prospect of cheaper prices for the consumer, and bigger profits for the manufacturer.

The usage of ISO shipping containers is an economical, safe and efficient way to transport goods anywhere in the world, hence their ever increasing popularity in carrying products from the factory to the consumer.

Source by Craig Ellyard

# 1. Ladies first

That's right gentlemen: focus 100% on her pleasure. You must give her org org at least once before you. Few women told me that their best lovers do not have an incredibly huge and massive member. But, they certainly know how to please women because they have the "ladies first" attitude in mind! Now, you may argument that you do not possess the "asset" to give her the big "O" during sex. I said hogwash. Reason being, penetrative sex is the not the only way to give her great climax, which lead us to following point.

# 2. Become the master of oral pleasure

According to The Hite Report, more than 40% of women "always" climaxed via cunnilingus and direct clitoral stimulation. There are many other studies that show identical findings. In other words, oral sex is a great way to make her totally satisfied in bed no matter what size you are. In reality, many women prefer it over penetrative sex. Granted, you do not have to follow fixed and prescribed method to give her oral pleasure. Be sure to start slow and gentle on her private areas as the areas are sensitive. As she is getting excited, you can increase intensity and change patterns of stimulation. As well, do not forget to use dental dam without both partners are tested negative for STD.

# 3. Let her be the chief in charge

The best position for small penis is: woman-on-top. The female superior position allows her to control speed, depth and angle of penetration. Here, orgasms are almost always guaranteed! As well, it allows you to last a lot longer than other positions.

Source by Ian Lee

Insulin is a hormone in our body produced by the pancreas that transfers glucose from blood to the cells. When cells do not respond to insulin or the pancreas do not produce enough insulin, the condition is called diabetes. During digestion, food is converted to glucose or sugar, which in turn is converted into energy. This is transported through blood to the cells for growth and energy. It is insulin that allows the body to use the glucose. Due to diabetes, glucose is not used and excreted from the body as urine. The Body is left with no source of growth or energy and extremely it affects your health adversely.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common and its symptoms include fatigue, thirst and appetite, weight loss or gain, dry mouth, nausea, blurred vision, yeast infections, itchy skin in the groin area and slow healing of cuts or abrasions. If you have any of these symptoms, you must visit a doctor; and he would send you for a glucose fasting test. This test needs to be done on an empty stomach and your blood is drawn to test for glucose levels. If the results of the test indicate increased glucose levels, you will be starting on a diabetes treatment plan.

Diabetes if left unchecked can lead to a number of complications. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and nerve disease are some of the issues with diabetes patients. It could lead to loss of vision, kidney disease, limb amputation and gum diseases leading to loss of teeth.

If detected early, you can control diabetes and avoid medication. You must however, change your diet habits and increase the amount of exercising. You must keep a check on your health with regular check-up from a doctor as well as self-assessment of glucose levels. You must also regularly get eye check-up and take dental care.

Source by Nicholas Hurd

It is quite common to see people who are a bit conscious of their smiles and are embarrassed to show off their teeth when they laugh or talk. This is often due to the fact that they do not have wonderful teeth to flash each time they smile. Although corrective dental procedures are readily available some people are quite appreciative with the thought of wearing metal braces and wires and under other dental cosmetic procedures thinking that they are all invasive and costly. So instead, they just settle on covering their mouths when laughing or speaking. Some people would even choose to isolate themselves from others. This practice is definitely not healthy not only to your dental condition but also to your social life as well.

Because of the aforementioned scenario, dentists have discovered alternatives on how to treat or help their patients overcome their dilemmas. Growing in popularity would be the Six Month Smiles procedure. Based on the name itself, it is obvious that corrective dental treatments that fall under this category would only take around six months to complete. And yes, most, if not all of the techniques used under the Six month smiles are all effective. Not only that these procedures are a lot less expensive, insidious and safe compared to other traditional techniques.

The most common dental treatment under the Six Month Smiles would be the use of invisible braces to help straighten and align the patient's teeth. Dentists use state-of-the-art materials to ensure that favorable results are achieved in as little as six months. Because the duration of treatment is quite short, some people might think that the technique might be more drastic. That is actually a wrong impression; dentists use low force in placing the braces on their patients. It has been proven that tightening the braces caused more damage to the teeth. Because of the shortened time in which patients will be required to wear braces, dental visits are reduced then making it more economic. There are already several people who have confirmed that the Six Month Smiles procedure is really effective. So, call the nearest dental clinic now and ask your dentist about the six month smiles technique.

Source by Dr Jagmail Basrai

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